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PC Protection

Hello, this website is used to help people get rid of many viruses, worms, and fix your slow pc. This is a free service because I am not a professional but I do know a lot about computers and how to remove viruses, worms, trogans, and more! I can do it step by step over skype or I can do it for you! We recommend letting us do it for you because it is faster but if you want we can do step by step on skype which is slower. In addition to removing the virus, we give you tips on how to not get a virus again and how to keep your computer from slowing down! Please recommend this website to your friends if they have a infected pc or the pc is slow. To contact me select the "Contact" tab at the top of the screen and do a request form, you can call me on skype using the skype call button or you can use the chat button on the right of the screen.